Wedding Wednesday: Our DIY Wedding Ceremony Programs

Before I go into this much further let me say one thing. Wedding programs ARE NOT IMPORTANT. You can totally get married and be married without them. They are an added expense, usually get thrown away, and can be a pain in the ass.

Ring Bearer Holding Wedding Program

However, wedding programs can also we great. If most of the guests don't know the members of the wedding party or your ceremony will have religious componants that would be unfamiliar to them – then a wedding program is great! It can communicate all that information to guests in a nice way.

That being said, I did decide to have wedding ceremony programs for my wedding last May. And, as you can see by the adorable kid holding them, they were pretty damn simple. Which ended up being fabulous.

Here's how it all went down (affordably and relatively easily).

Our DIY Wedding Ceremony Programs


Guests Reading Wedding ProgramsGuests Reading Wedding Programs (1)
Images Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography


Step One: I saved the image of the aqua chevron paper to my computer. Then I went to and chose All Products>Marketing Materials>Flyers. From there I chose the 8.50" x 10.98" option and clicked the "Get Started Button". Then I chose "Upload Your Design" and uploaded the chevron paper image from my computer. From there, I just followed the site's directions (and made sure to also have the same digital paper printed on the back of the flyer, too). Save everything. It's really that simple.

Step Two: Next, I designed and ordered my sticker labels. Go to and chose All Products>Labels & Stamps>Custom Stickers. From there, you'll be able to chose the size and shape of sticker you want. I chose a 3"x2" Oval and went with one fo their predesigned ones. I changed up the fonts and colors to may liking (using their tools) and saved it all. Again, super simple and easy.

Step Three: Check out and pay. I was able to buy this using a FAB LivingSocial deal so I only paid about $20 for both items (not including shipping). If you can't snag the same killer deal then try using this 50% off coupon from RetailMeNot. Be sure to allow ample time for shipping! I did not and ended up having to pay for rush shipping.

Step Four: Use Photoshop, Illustrator, or Word to create your inner pages. I used Illustrator and created two pages that got printed out in landscape (on my home printer). One page had all the members of the wedding party listed and their relationship to me or The Boy plus the rundown of the ceremony (and a "please don't use cameras" message). The other page had a cute little "About Us" list (me on one side and The Boy on the other) with random bits of information. It was a hit – people loved learning a little more each of us and generally being nosy.

Wedding Ceremony ProgramInside Wedding Ceremony Program
Images Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

Step Five: Assemble. I assigned this job to my Junior Bridesmaids and they did it in about 15 minutes while watching "Psych". Oh sure, the stickers were a little off-center and the folds weren't perfect but y'all – they had a blast and it was done AND THAT IS GOOD.

Step Six: Done. No fasteners, no ribbons, no sashes – DONE. They were simple and did what I had intended them to do. And that? Is perfect.

Guest Reading Program
Images Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

How about y'all? Any of you creating programs for your wedding ceremony? How are you doing it? DIY or professional? Tell me all about it.