Wedding Wednesday: Our Honeymoon Plans

Houston San Antonio Tulle Nation, we have a honeymoon plan! Wheeee! And it only took us 14 months! For those who missed my announcement on Twitter (Are you following me? Cuz I’m fracking HILARIOUS!), The Boy and I had narrowed down the choices to New Orleans, Greece, or the United Kingdom. And the winner is…

The United Kingdom!!!

022912 a
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Last week, I finally sat The Boy down and asked him point blank where he really, really wanted to go. He smiled and picked the UK – he was stationed there in the 1980’s and has been dying to go back. I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed. I had had visions of sandy white beaches in my head but he was so excited about the UK and that the Olympics (which we LOVE to watch together) will be there this summer and… well, I gave in. WE’RE GOIN’ TO LONDON!

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Image Courtesy of: Khalsa College London

Further discussion revealed that The Boy actually did not want to hunker down in one spot for an entire week. He actually wants to find a central location, rent a hotel (we’re planning on doing it through this military/civil service time share program), and hop a train/the Tube/Eurorail each day to explore someplace different. Like, he really wants to mosey on over to France and see the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. And I, for one, would like to pop into Paris and dry hump the Hermes storefront. So, that’s our plan – central location + trains = honeymoon awesomeness.

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Other than that – we got nothin’. No plane reservations, no actual hotel booking (we might have to nix the time share thing and end up doing a bunch of different hotel), no train tickets – NOTHING. Just the idea (and a killer Pinterest Honeymoon Outfits Board). So y’all, throw me your ideas. Where should we go? Where do we stay? What do we do? Where do we eat? What do I pack/wear? Any good guidebooks out there? Help me, Tulle Nation – you’re my only hope!