Wedding Wednesday: Our Thank Cards DIY

So, The Boy and my wedding is long over but the DIYs continue! Today, I'm going to share the cute-as-can-be thank you cards that I created. For the record, I sent our thank yous out way, way, WAY late – like, so beyond the polite post-wedding etiquette timeline. But I have a good excuse, I was waiting for my photos to come back from my photographer (who was knee-deep in wedding season). Once they did… I was ON it.

Our Thank Card

Our Thank Cards DIY

Step One: I once again went with my tried and true printing source - VistaPrint for my wedding thank you cards. I elected to use the postcard template again (I used the same one for our save-the-dates and RSVPs) because it's super easy and I had leftover envelopes from our RSVPs that I could use (FREE!).

Step Two: I downloaded the postcard template and designed our thank cards (using a wedding photo + graphics on one side and the aqua bluw chevron pattern from our programs on the other).

Step Three: I uploaded my design to VistaPrint, added in a coupon code that I found online (saved 50%!), and selected the slowest/sheapest shipping method (FYI, VistaPrint's cheapest shipping weeks long – keep that in mind and in your timeline).

Step Four: Once the cards got back from VistaPrint, I stopped off at Staples and purchased these labels from the Martha Stewart Avery line. I put one blank label on the back of each thank you card (on the aqua chevron side). This was the space that I wrote the actual thank you note on. And yes, you MUST hand-write your thank yous. That is non-negotiable.

Step Five: After handwriting a thank you note, I put each card in an envelope and then used these labels (from the Martha Stewart Avery line at Staples) to print the address on each one. I did using the instructions on the package and a free Avery template.

Step Six: Stamp and DONE!

Wedding Wednesday: Our Thank Cards DIY

What did you do for your wedding thank you cards?