Wedding Wednesday: The Junior Bridemaids Information Sheet

One of the easiest parts of planning The Boy and my wedding has been the wedding party selection – basically, everyone's in. Anybody who wants to be a part of the wedding will have a job or a position – I don't want anyone to feel left out (No one EVER picked me for their weddings when I was younger because my sisters [and then nieces] were pretty and I wasn't – it blew.). So at my wedding? Everybody's in. That means I have:

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Image Courtesy of: Leah Powell Photography

While it's a pretty easy gig to make it into my wedding party, I still wanted it to seem like a really special thing for those involved (many of whom have never been in a wedding and are super excited – remember those cute invites that I made to ask them to be in the wedding?). I’ve already confirmed with each parent that it was okay to have their child in the wedding (ALWAYS ASK – some people will be too busy to attend your wedding or not have the funds to participate and you do not want to promise a child something that isn't going to happen) and I’ve been getting tons of questions from the girls slated to be my junior bridesmaids. Some have never been in or to a wedding before so they want to know what’s going to happen, what they’ll be doing, and most importantly – what will they be wearing?

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Image Courtesy of: Dessy

So, I got to thinking. How could I give them all the information that they needed (and wanted) to know without just planting it all in a boring email to their parents (or creating these labor-intensive information packets that I made for my bridesmaids). Then it hit me! Do a PDF (Printable Document File) and email that to their parents. That way, I can include cute images, photos, and lots of information and they can print it out to read (but still have a digital copy for mom to hang on to).

And that’s when I made this:

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Super cute, right? It has a little note to the girls that thanks them for being in the wedding and reminds them of the day it will happen, information about what they’ll be wearing and what they’ll need to provide, some details on doing their hair for the day, a little “what a flower girl does” blurb, and each other’s contact info (to start making friends). Please note: I removed personal information for privacy.

You can make your own version of this in Word (super easy to insert images and text!) or do something more complex in Photoshop or Illustrator (y’all, if I could figure out how in the hell to make an editable PDF in CS3 – I’d have one done and downloadable for you right now. But I don’t. Sorry).

There are a million variations of this craft project – how would you personalize it for your Big Day? What information would you include for or share with your flower girls? Do you know how to make an editable PDF in CS3 and if so, TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME. Ahem. Feel free to share in the comments.