Wedding Wendesday: Help Me Choose My Wedding Jewelry

Well, I decided that since y’all were SO helpful when I asked for your thoughts and suggestions for my wedding hair – I’d see if Tulle Nation could help me narrow down my wedding jewelry. I’m super excited because an old friend of mine (old as in “we went to junior high together” not “we’re using walkers to get around”) sweetly offered to make all my wedding jewelry as a gift! Can you say, “Yeehaw!”???

Since her offer, I’ve been frantically pinning potential jewelry designs into a Pinterest board (mostly necklaces since I figure once that decision is made, the bracelet will be easy to coordinate + I’m hoping to be the proud owner of some diamond studs by then ***coughcoughHintToTheBoycoughcough***). I’m seeing a trend in my pinning – lots of beads and chunky designs. Here’s a few of my favorites:

110211 a
Images Courtesy of: Lovely Clusters, Neiman Marcus, Inspired To Dream, Polyvore, Anthropologie, and ZuckerMonarchie

So, remember my dress:

110211 b
Image Courtesy of: Unknown

And this is what my mom and I are hoping to turn it into:

110211 c
Image Courtesy of: Watters

So, Tulle Nation – what do you think? Which of those designs do you think would work best with the dress (or do you think I should go in a completely different direction?)? I was really hoping for a colored necklace, like greens or blues, but I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be best to stick with a champagne white color? Chime in, y’all – you know I’m listening!