12 Totally Awesome Things Everyone Who Has A Period Wants Right Now

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Let's be honest. Periods suck. The bloating, the bleeding, the eating, the crying – it all blows. And, while I'm extremely grateful that I have them and am a part of the great circle of life and blah blah blah… every month sucks just the same. SO why not tackle your time of the month with a little fun and a lot of humor? After all, why should you suffer in silence when you can suffer and make everyone around you laugh and commiserate? In that vein, here's 12 totally awesome things everyone who has a period wants right now!

12 Totally Awesome Things Everyone Who Has A Period Wants Right Now

Vampire Teabags & Shark Week Zippered Bag // Shark Week Period Tracker Planner Stickers // Stay Away Cotton/Spandex Shortie Panties // Uterus Cross-Stitch Pattern // I'm On My Period Shirt // Crochet Uterus // Funny Period Card // Riding the Cotton Pony Mug // Shark Week Cotton/Spandex Shortie Panties // Go With The Flow Tampon Cross Stitch Pattern // Orange is the New Black Button // It's Not PMS, It's You T-shirt

Which of these shark week goodies are you going to pick up?

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