Me At 34 Weeks

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Woke up this morning and realized that I've only got a couple more months of being pregnant.

That's right, as of today, I'm officially 34 weeks knocked up.

Me At 34 Weeks

That could explain why I've been so unbelievably exhausted this past week. I mean, BEYOND tired.

As I did with my first pregnancy, I'm taking photos and doing a cute week-by-week FYI session from here on out (ala Little Baby Garvin).

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Cris Stone, shares a rundown of her 34th week of pregnancy. Find out more!

How far along?

34 Weeks.

Total weight gain/loss:

Still around 50 pounds but I think, after this lazy as fuck week, that I'm looking more like 55.

Maternity clothes?

Leggings, leggings, leggings and a cami tank with a T-shirt.

Stretch marks?

Using this cream at least twice a day and still seem to only be seeing old ones.


All I've been doing this week is freaking sleeping. It's like I cannot nap enough.

Best moment this week:

Finally getting our taxes filed (we'd filed an extension back in April) and finding out that we definitely have enough for an amazing trip to Walt Disney World with both our kids in January.


So much movement! It's so different from my first pregnancy.

Melanie just hung out in the middle and rolled around – my husband only got to feel her moving a few times.

But Baby Boy? Moves CONSTANTLY.

Food cravings:


Anything making you queasy or sick:

Our trash was pretty ripe this week and made me gag.



Labor Signs:


Belly Button in or out?

In but almost flattened out.

Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or Moody most of the time:

Lots of anxiety this week. Our house refi closing has been postponed AGAIN and I just want it to be freaking over already.

Looking forward to:

Planning a little birthday surprise for Melanie (she'll be having an Avengers Pool Party) and starting to make plans for prepping for baby (freezer meal prep, washing clothes, hoarding diapers).

In other news, I'm almost done buying the few little things we still need/want for this baby.

I picked up this bag for the hospital (and traveling for his first two years) and got this diaper pouch (we loved having one for Melanie – it was more convenient to grab the diaper pouch for changes while we were out than schlepping the entire diaper bag around).

I also got some Honest Company nipple cream (because the regular stuff I used last time really messed up my nipples – I think I was allergic to something in it).

Still a few more small things to get but, all in all, we're in good shape.

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