Buy Everything You Need For A Baby Shark Birthday Party with Amazon Prime

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Do your kids love that freaking “Baby Shark” song as much as mine do? We literally listen to it every single night before bedtime. Man, that song is annoying but they love it so, whattya gonna do, right?

Is your kid so obsessed with this song that you're considering throwing them a “Baby Shark” party for their birthday? Which is really fantastic when you think about it because it can be such a fun theme.

Lots of bright colors, icy blue drinks (both child and adult!), tasty food (seafood, anyone?), and this theme begs for a pool party. You can have everyone dress up in their best shark gear and then toss on a swimsuit later to burn off energy.

How cute would it be to set up one of these inflatable shark slip n' slides for some extra play time? Put it next to a table decorated with a ocean theme and a pile of “Baby Shark” paper goods for all that tasty food.

Want to do this for your little one, too? Here's how to buy everything you need for a “Baby Shark” birthday party with Amazon Prime!

Buy Everything you Need for a “Baby Shark” Birthday Party with Amazon Prime

Texas Mom Blogger, Kiss My Tulle, shares how you can buy everything you need for a #BabyShark #birthday #party with #AmazonPrime!


Ocean “Waves” Tableskirt // Fishing Net Table Cover // Balloons // Balloon Inflator Tank // Honeycomb Baby Shark Centerpiece // Baby Shark Garland // Shark Doo Doo Backdrop // Colorful Confetti

Paper Goods and Favors:

Postcard Invitations // Baby Shark Party Hats // Favor Bags // Baby Shark Masks and Stickers // Shark Tub Toys // Baby Shark Candy Boxes

Food and Beverages:

Cupcake and Cake Toppers // Tablecloth, Plates, Cups, and Napkins // Cupcake Liners

Dress Up:

Baby Shark Dress // Baby Shark Kid's Yellow Costume // Baby Shark Costume Hoodie

Can you imagine all the fun the little baby sharks will have at this party?

Bonus points if you download and play the soundtrack at the party. Even better, have a karaoke machine set up for everyone to sing along (please, you know you want to).