DIY: Toilet Paper Napkin Rings

Today, I'm sharing another super simple DIY wedding craft. This one's for the reception and, while relatively unnecessary, napkin rings are still a nice addition to a wedding that features a buffet or sit-down meal. Most people love to use cloth napkins for a reception because they are a greener option than paper and also add a nice nod to civility.

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And this DIY napkin ring is super green because it is an upcycle of a, well, empty toilet paper roll. Normally destined for a long afterlife in a landfill, start collecting these a few months before your wedding and follow this tutorial to make 'em pretty! This is totally a “do it with your ‘maids while drunk Facebooking ex-boyfriends”-style craft and requires only three items.

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Step One: Use scissors to cut toilet paper roll in half (at least, that's how mine measured out so if you're planning on using Seventh Generation products – you'll be golden).

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Step Two: Use the glue gun to glue your lace/ribbon/twine around the empty TP roll. Trim the end and use a dab of gluw to stop it from unraveling.

062111 e 

Step Three: Rinse and repeat.

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This project is pretty simple – making sure that you cover up the glue (in this DIY I used black hot glue so that you could see how the napkin rings were constructed). How would you use this project in your wedding? Is it important for you to incorporate green DIY crafts into your wedding? Or are you too weirded out by the thought of presenting your guests with upcycled TP rolls? Share your thoughts in the comments!