Enjoy a Unique Honeymoon in Box Elder County!

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Are you interested in birding or bird watching? Do you and your partner adore the outdoors and love being in it? Then you should enjoy a unique honeymoon in Box Elder County! This county in Utah is PACKED with amazing experiences and opportunities for nature lovers and history buffs alike. Y'all know that The Boy and I enjoyed a domestic honeymoon and I think that you will, too! Think about it – you can enjoy a road trip, there's no need to exchange money, and you get to experience more of America. There's just SO much to do in Box Elder County and I think that it would make for a memorable honeymoon trip.

Enjoy a Unique Honeymoon in Box Elder County #ad

If you enjoy birding then you know that Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is one of the top spot for the activity. In addition to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge‘s nearly 80,000 acres of land, which hosts over 250 species of birds, it also hosts the world’s largest breeding colony of White-faced Ibis! And, it is one of the three largest colonies of American White Pelicans you'll find in North America. I'd encourage you to visit in the fall since that's when the population of waterfowl is at it's peak with over 263,000 birds. And, if you're not into that, then you can visit anyone of the dozens of other spots around the area with high quality birding.

History buffs will enjoy any number of experiences centered around railroad history, Native American culture, and military history. Check out the Golden Spike National Historic Site (the transcontinental railroad – where East met West) and stand in the actual spot the Golden Spikes were driven. Then, stick around and you can participate in a reenactment of the ceremony! Or, your can relax at Crystal Hot Springs, which was once home to generations of Native Americans and boasts the highest mineral content found in any hot springs in the world. Incredible, right? I would float there all day! Be sure to allow time to visit the Spiral Jetty and Sun Tunnels, created by husband and wife artists Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt at different times, and check out the fruit stands along Utah’s Official Fruitway (on Highway 89 in the communities of Willard and Perry). And, if you get hungry, swing into the Maddox Ranch House for some local color and dining – be sure to order the famous Turkey Steaks and Shrimp Steaks!

Crystal Hot Springs Hidden Falls

Dying to go? Me, too! You can learn more about this amazing honeymoon opportunity by checking out video introductions to Box Elder county here and here. So, will you be birding, learning some history, or refreshing yourself at the hot springs on your honeymoon to Box Elder County?