Melanie at 11 Months

Holy shit, my baby is almost a whole year old! Melanie 11 months old and so, so fun to be around. She is walking, playing in her own room (FINALLY), and talking all over the place. Here's an eleven month update for y'all because I know you love them (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 11 Months

You are walking and you are so good at it.
Right now, you love to point at and touch things.
You hate having a dirty diaper and cry until someone changes you.
You are starting to say more and more real words like Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, Kitty, Puppy, Boobs, and Hot Dog.
You finally have your own room and love to play in there with Hank.
You are nursing seven to ten times a day.
Your favorite thing right now is to put toys in baskets and hug your stuffed animals.
You are the most amazing eater.
You love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins.
You can open and shut doors and think it is the funniest thing to do.
Mommy's favorite thing is playing chase with you.
Daddy's is doing dessert and reading a book with you before bedtime.
You love water and swimming.

We just love you.

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