Melanie and Finn’s 2018 Halloween Costumes

Well, this was the year that broke me. My kids both wanted store bought only costumes. So, that's what I got them. Without further ado, here's Melanie and Finn's 2018 Halloween costumes!

Melanie and Finn's 2018 #Halloween Costumes
Melanie and Finn's 2018 #Halloween Costumes

Melanie and Finn's 2018 Halloween Costumes

Funny story, for three months SOLID leading up to Halloween, Melanie told me frequently and consistently that she wanted to be Wonder Woman again. She wanted a different (less heavy) Golden Lasso but she 100% wanted to be “Wahmoh Wohmmin”.

Until the night BEFORE our annual neighborhood trick-or-treat hay ride when she drew a picture of herself dressed as Supergirl for her homework.

Fast forward to my ass running all over town looking for a Supergirl costume in a size 6 because I made a vow to always let my kids be whatever they want for Halloween.

Stupid, STUPID vow.

Anyhoo, I found one at Walmart (it was torn a little but literally the only one I could find in her size ANYWHERE) and she wore it and LOVED it. I mean, her joy made it (sorta) worth it.

Also, Finn was Captain America. His sister picked his costume out (she's been telling him he was Captain America since he was born [she's Hulk]). He refused to wear the adorable mask.

And that's it folks. No adorable, clever, or handmade costumes this year – just really cute kids in costumes they really loved.

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