My Ode to Remodeling Or, Why I Want my House to be More like a Frat House

Today, I'd like to share with you my philosophy for remodeling/decorating this house. Are you ready? Here's my ode to remodeling or, why I want my house to be more like a frat house. A frat house?!?! Really? To which I say, yep. I want my house to be like a frat house. Hear me out. I do not want the lighted beer signs so tastefully filling my rooms with their rosy glow. I do not want drunken sorority girls sprawled across my lawn in an artful display of glitter and limbs. I do not want my living room’s focal point to be a pool table and bong. No. No thank you. However, I do want my home to be livable, comfortable, and washable. I do not want anything in my house that cannot be:

  • Vomited on
  • Bled on
  • Peed on
  • Pooed on
  • Stood on
  • Farted on
  • Pet haired on
  • Eaten on
  • Or anything elsed on that involves bodily functions/DNA (not going into specifics cuz y’all know how I like to keep it classy all up in here.)

My Ode to Remodeling Or, Why I Want my House to be More like a Frat House #DIY #homeimprovement #remodeling

Basically, The Boy and I are trying to be realistic about how we live and how we need Casa de Crap to fit into that lifestyle. We used to have a cat and dog that shed a lot and liked to be on the furniture. We eat a lot at the coffee table in the living room. We both have a tendency to randomly cut or injure ourselves and bleed on stuff. And so on… hence the “I want my house to be like a frat house” philosophy.

We also have children and you would be AMAZED at how gross those little buggers can be. It seems that anyone under 30″ has never met an ottoman, dishwasher, or duvet that they cannot conquer with jelly and boogers. Also, I am lazy. Children + Lazy = Frat House Remodel.

To create this type of house (but use stuff to make it look all grown-up and purdy), I’m planning on using lots of washable paint, slipcovering everything, and having hardwood/tile throughout the entire house (no carpet). Poo on wall? I can wash that! Blood on couch? Got it! Food on floor? No worries, y’all!

So how about you guys? Are you hoping for a frat-like house? Or are you more interested in something a little more polished? Maybe you’re doing some rooms one way and some the other? Share away – I’m always curious about how people plan their homes and remodels.