Reader Question: A Fun, Upbeat Song For A Family Sing-A-Long

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Every now and then, I get an email from a reader who needs a little help (have you written to me?). I love these letters and try to help out when I can. Recently, Noa wrote to me asking for my assistance with a cool project for an upcoming wedding and I knew I could help! From Noa, “We have a family wedding (my husband's niece) but our family is so spread across the world that it is hard for everyone to attend. So we want to surprise her with a video of all missing family members singing to her and her future husband. It needs to be hopefully a bit familiar but ok if not. Just wishing them happiness and sorry we are not there. Can be funny and humoristic [sic] (it's a crazy family…).“. Frankly, I LOVE this idea and would have straight up stolen it for my own wedding! Here's some options that I came up with for a fun, upbeat song for a family sing-a-long for you, Noa:

Reader Question: A Fun, Upbeat Song For A Family Sing-A-Long #wedding #music

We Are Family – ALWAYS a great option since everyone knows it and it begs to be danced to.

Family Affair – A slighter lighter hit from that may be more singable if you have lots of elder family members participating.

Family Reunion – The perfect song for a video reunion.

You're My Best Friend – Another 70's classic that easy to sing to and fun to cheese up!

Blessed – Looking for more of an upbeat power ballad? This song has a great tune and amazing lyrics.

It Takes Two – Think it would be fun to toss a little rap/hip hop at 'em? Then this is your song.

You’re The One That I Want – From the soundtrack for the movie “Grease”, this song begs for Olivia and John imitations!

We're All In This Together – This song will bring smiles to all the young adults who remember “High School Musical”.

Marry You – This song is so fun and perfect if you want something that speaks directly to the couple getting married.

Hope that helps, Noa, and please come back and let us know what song you ended up going with!

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