The Ranty Bride: In-Laws. Can I Throw Out A Question To The Readers?

Seriously, I need advice.

Someone said once that Twitter makes you want to get drinks with people you've never met. Facebook? Makes you want to throw drinks at people you know.

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I am REALLY trying to get to some level of peaceful coexistence with my in-laws. If there's one thing they're good at, its saying and doing socially inappropriate things. The boy's used to it by now but it makes me very uncomfortable. However, they're 600 miles away, so despite all of the issues there, you'd figure the distance would at least make things more tolerable, right?

If I only had to deal with the in-laws once or twice a year, I could get over his sister making an uncomfortable, critical spectacle about my ring. I could get over his nieces and sister calling the husband the 'rich uncle' and whining when he won't buy them things. I'll eventually forgive the MIL for making our wedding all about her, hijacking our photographer, and halting the rehearsal dinner to go on and on and on about, basically, her. I'll try to get over his sister talking all kinds of shit about my sister and giving her the Stink Eye throughout the whole wedding and reception.

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But, now, thanks to Facebook, I get to see them in all their glory every single day. There's the cousin who posts photos of her daughter's bowel obstruction, then complaining about the lines at the WIC office and the long wait in the emergency room because her third daughter has a cold and none of the three have a pediatrician or regular check-ups, oh, but the paternity test came out the way she wanted because the last kid was her husband's after all. So sad for those kids. There's his sister joking about her 19 year old DAUGHTER'S sex life, and not, "Get pregnant and I'll kill you, HA HA just kidding," but joking about her and some random dude having sex. Together. With a WINKY face.

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His mother is going on about how 'cute' it is when the 14 year old niece posts photos of her all up ons some shirtless boy. My grandmother? Would be HORRIFIED if I did that at 30! His sister complains about how annoying it is to have to go to WEDDINGS (um, ours), or how annoying it is that she has to learn how to give her daughter injections because SHE WAS JUST DIAGNOSED WITH DIABETES. His mom constantly complains about there's nothing worse than farm-city-cafe-world-ville-whatever not working on any given day and harasses people when they post about any event they didn't invite her to, or anything they bought that she can't afford.

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Then there's all the comments about how poor they are, even though no one seems to have any interest in, you know, working, and even though they are paying a second mortgage for some vacation trailer, and buying fishing boats, and drinking a lot, and always going shopping.

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My therapist? Told me to block all of them. The boy asked me to block them so there would be some chance I'd still like them. So, I removed them from my feed one by one in an attempt to stop wanting to THROTTLE THEM on a daily basis.

The problem? I have three people marked as 'close friends', so I get notified every time my sister, BFF, or husband post something. My husband posts funny and interesting things. Things I like to read, or look at. Today, I clicked on the notification that he posted a link about buying Packers stock (wtf? I don't understand, because, you know, the Browns are a factory of sadness). And, what do I get? There's his mother, whining about how he didn't buy her some with a :-(((((((((. What's up with the extra '((((((('?

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Seriously, loyal readers, I don't know what to do. I know this is a first world problem, and people are starving in the Sudan. Overall, I'm blessed. But, Facebook is ruining any desire to want to have a relationship with my in-laws, and that is putting a strain on my relationship with my husband.

I can't delete them because they'll throw fits about that – his mom threw enough of a fit and got pissed at me when we asked her not to blast out our news for us, so I can't imagine she will just not notice if I'm no longer her friend, and she's bound to get pissed if her son tells her I blocked her to try to salvage my relationship with her. I like being on Facebook so I can keep in touch with my friends, so I don't want to let them drive me off of it. I've been on there since you needed an .edu address! What do I do, block my husband now? I'm at a complete loss.

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I feel stupid asking for advice about Facebook, but here I am. So, what do I do?