The Ranty Bride: Registry, revisited: Cleaning and Organization Edition edition OR What we’re using four months post-wedding

Cris has been giving you an AWESOME series of posts on things to add to your registry. Where do I come in? Two showers and a wedding later, I'm here to tell you what we're using the most out of our gifts.

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Disclosures: we registered at Crate and Barrel and Macy's, so I will include links to those stores where possible because of the GREAT experience I had with both. Both had great return policies and excellent customer service, not to mention completion discounts and, in the case of Macy's, reward dollars back on everything you and your guests purchase. I haven't been compensated for this post by either company, I've just loved the experience I had with both, so I'm sending them some love, and I will likely be sending them more cash. If you are looking for options for your registry, I would recommend either with no reservations.

We didn't register for all of these items – some, we bought with cash – but all are suitable for registries and will be BIG HITS in your home. Trust me, I shop A LOT.

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Additionally, I feel I should add that I truly love and appreciate all my gifts. However, I recognize that everyone (read: me) registers for a few things that others (read: The Boy, and, the way he talks, The Entire Human Race Besides Me) just aren't into. So, I've tried to pick out the gifts of ours that have the widest appeal, even though some of the most loved items aren't even remotely practical!

Want all my links (and more stuff I already had pre-wedding) at your fingertips? Follow my 'Wedding Registry All Stars' board on Pinterest.

Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum

041712 c

Trust me, your carpet? Way more gross than you think.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

041712 d

Your furniture, if you have pets, is also way more gross than you think. This funny looking little handheld vacuum is great for removing pet hair from anything upholstered, and it awesome for vacuuming carpeted stairs. Hence all the rave reviews.

Bissell Quick Steamer Deep Cleaner

041712 e

Post-Dyson, this little deep cleaner will suck up a gross amount of dirt from your carpets. I was skeptical given its price vs. other deep cleaners, but it does a great job and isn't too huge to lug around. I will likely get a bigger, fancier model someday, but for now, this does the trick, and does it well.

You probably think our house is disgusting now. Sheesh.

simplehuman Trash Can, Deluxe Rectangular Recycler

041712 f

The Boy and I are in love with a trash can. Again, this was one of those items that caused him to choke when he saw the price. However, we'd been keeping recyclables in brown grocery bags on the floor, and it was driving me crazy. This seemed like a great solution, and it was. The garbage side is smaller than most kitchen cans, but it's adequate for what we need. The recycling compartment keeps cans and bottles off the floor or away from the sink, and it has enough space to hold a good amount before we need to empty it. If one of the compartments gets stinky, pull it out of the can and wash it down. There's a foot pedal that opens the top easily, and the stainless steel finish looks great. Highly recommended.

Rowenta Garment Steamer

041712 g

I hate ironing. I'm horrible at it. This steamer saves me from most ironing tasks. I've steamed drapes, tablecloths, etc. out of the package when they have massive, deep creases. I've also used it to freshen clothes. The reviews aren't the best, but I really like mine!

simplehuman Sink Caddy

041712 h

The Boy loves sink brushes and sponges. I think they are gross (true) because they sit around, wet, and collect germs (also true). This little guy sticks to the side of your sink and gives brushes and sponges a place where they can sit off the sink and dry instead of staying soggy messes.

simplehuman Brushed Bag Holder

041712 i

If you have oodles of plastic grocery bags kicking around waiting to be reused or recycled, put them in this to get them out of the way.

Ten bucks and keeps your plastic grocery bags in check? Sign me up. Hang it on the wall, and you'll have easy access to bags when you need them (and they'll be out of the way when you don't).

Small Stacking Recycle Bin

041712 j

I don't use this for recycling. In fact, I use this in our pantry for potatoes and onions. Fact is, this bin will hold all sorts of items that don't easily sit on a shelf. Use it pretty much wherever. They make a larger size, too.

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