Fitness Friday: IT FITS!!!

If you are a woman – then you know EXACTLY what the title of this post means. I tried on my dress a couple of weeks ago on a whim and, to my complete amazement, zipped that sucker up BY MYSELF! If I thought God had anything to do it, I'd thank her.

I tried the dress on again a couple of days ago and it fit a wee bit snugger (due to extreme PMS bloating, m'thinks) but I was still able to zip it up on my own and breath/move comfortably. Wanna see the proof?

June 2011 (The Day I Got The Dress):

110411 a
062911 f110411 b

April 2012 (Zipped It Up Myself):

041312 a
041312 b
041312 c041312 d

Alright yes – I'm sporting a nice backfat crack there but y'all – IT FITS!!!! I'm pretty damn thrilled with myself. I've still got quite a way to go (10-15 pounds to be exact) but fitting into that dress and being able to zip it myself was (and still is) the greatest feeling. Let's relish it for a bit, shall we?

And that done. So, here's where I stand. Last time I weighed myself I was at 142.2 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 29.3% (again with the weighing more but smaller mass thing – I'm sensing a trend for the rest of my weight loss journey…). I'm also solidly down and into a Size Small shirt (and could probably go even smaller if it wasn't for dos boobies) and a Size 10 pant. Sweeeeet!

I still have quite a bit more work to do on my tummy, hips, and thighs but now that I can zip up my friggin' weding dress? HUGE MOTIVATOR!But I still need my support team – as always, I’m putting it out there and asking Team Tulle for your support for the next month (my wedding month, GULP!). Bug me on Twitter, Facebook, check out my Fitness board on Pinterest, and be my friend on My Fitness Pal (I’m akbuilt – invite me to be your friend and I’ll add you to my group!). And please, please keep those practical fitness tips and nutritional suggestions coming – they are REALLY helpful to me.