Wedding Wednesday: Another DIY Fail

Y'all. This is getting oooold. I had another Wedding Wednesday Epic DIY Fail. Well, not epic (let's be realistic – it's a wedding craft and not on the same level as the sinking of the Titanic) but I'm a wee bit disappointed. See, waaay back in January of 2011 when I got engaged, one of the first pieces of inspiration I saved was this:

031412 a
Image Courtesy of: Coco+Kelley

Lovely, right? I fell infreakinglove! This fit right into my plan for our reception and the look of the tables! See, The Boy and friends are making our reception tables from old pallets. I'm leaving them uncovered (maybe some runners but definitely no tableclothes) and running the flower arrangements right down the middle. Even though we're doing a buffet, I like the idea of making it more special by setting the tables instead of leaving piles of dishes on the buffet.

For the table setting, I'm planning on plain white dinner plates (still debating buying then donating versus renting), fork, knife, cloth napkin, and drinking glass. On top of the white dinner plate, I wanted to have glass salad plates with pink stripes painted on the underside. Just like in the picture above! So chic, so easy!

031412 b

Than again… maybe not.

What can I do to fix this? I thought I had pressed the seams down on the painter's tape enough. Help!