Wedding Wednesday: Displaying Ours Vows and Readings in our Home

It’s Wedding Wednesday again here at Kiss My Tulle and I thought that today, I’d delve a little bit more into how to incorporate your wedding vows into your post-married life. Specifically, how to use the words in your home’s décor. See, I adored writing my own wedding ceremony. Finding the perfect vows and readings and running through the whole thing with sister so late that night before is definitely one of my favorite memories from my quickie civil ceremony.


So, I’ve been trying to find just the right way to showcase our wedding vows and readings (short of tattooing them on my body and walking around naked). Enter Pinterest. Through the miracle of modern web programming, I was able to load up on cool ways to display my vows and readings in my home (you know, once we’re done remodeling). Here’s a few of the coolest ones that I found:

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Images Courtesy of: Laura and Conner Steen, Layers Magazine, Side-by-Side, Domestic Notions

And if you're still struggling to find those perfect vows, here's a couple that I fell for hard:

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Images Courtesy of: Lei Lockhart, Kat Read, Write, Love, Unknown

So, how about it Tulle Nation? Did you use your vows (or the lyrics to your First Dance) as décor in your house? Or did you beat me to the punch and get them tattooed on your body (and don’t think I don’t want to see photos of that!)? Did you use a quote or a reading that was particularly wonderful and you want to share it with the class? Fire away!