Wedding Wednesday: My Hair

Its Wedding Wednesday aaaaannnd we’re back to talkin’ about me (y’all just know that’s my favorite thing about having my own blog, right? Hee.). I’m going to take a bit of a break from sharing The Boy and my Alaskan civil ceremony and start boring enthralling you with details for our May wedding. Specifically, today we’re going to discuss my hair… all seven of them.

091411 b 
Image Courtesy of: Amber Westerlund

Here’s the deal. I have pretty hair, not gorgeous hair, but pretty hair. It’s past my shoulders, curly, and takes color well. However, it is also thin, frizzy, and (currently) spectacularly boring. And you know what y’all? I want FABULOUS hair for my wedding.

And that’s where Tulle Nation comes in. Help me Tulle-y Wans. You’re my only hope! I needs me some help choosing my wedding day hair. And I want to get started now so that my hairstylist can work with my existing hair over the next few months to make it exactly how I want it in May. So, here’s what we’re working with:

091411 a 091411 c

Not too bad but definitely could be better (and a bit more grown-up since I just graduated and I’m looking for a “grown-up” job). I’m thinking of doing some new caramel highlights or maybe a rich brown color but otherwise… it’s up in the air. Lately, I’ve been pinning hairstyles and cuts/colors that I like to a Pinterest board and trying to be inspired… but! I’d still LURVE your help. Check out these pretties that I found:

091411 d 

So I’m thinking that with one of those styles (sheesh – apparently, I want bangs. opinions?), I could do one of the following ‘dos for my May wedding – keeping in mind that the wedding is outside in Texas so there’s a good chance that it will be HOT (and this is my dress [though my mom is altering it to become a strapless, like this one]). I'm also considering wearing a veil (from my best friend's wedding ensemble!) but it's not an over-the-face one so it can be anchored anywhere. With all that information in mind… feast your eyes, y'all:

 091411 e

So, Tulle Nation – whaddya think? Please, please, please chime in and be honest. I can take it. And feel free to share links to hair that you think I’d like or make suggestions for what will or won’t work for my features. Aaaannnd GO!

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