Wedding Wednesday: Tree Stump Cake Stand DIY

Hello, m’dears. I’m here and sharing some sweet, sweet DIY lovin’ with y’all today. Specifically, a little sumpin’ sumpin’ made from the good kind of stumpiness. I recently got married in a super impromptu wedding and had only three days to write the entire ceremony + do up a handful of décor/bake the wedding cake for the mini-wedding. I ended up having my family step in on the eve of the ceremony to help out a bit – enter my little bro and the AWESOMEST CAKE STAND EVER.

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In January (when I very first got engaged), I fell in love with a cake stand I'd seen that had been carved out of a chunk of tree. I knew that there had to be a simpler way to do it so I showed the photo to my incredibly handy little brother and he figured out how a moderately crafty person could whip one up.


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Step One: Use the chainsaw to trim a small slice from the larger log (we used my brother-in-law to do the sawing parts as handing an 11-year-old a chainsaw seemed like a good way to get a visit from Child Services). We tried several sizes and a ½” wide slice seemed to look the best.

Step Two: Use the chainsaw to cut the smaller log into a 4 ½” piece.

Step Three: Using the wood glue, spread a layer of the adhesive all over the top of the smaller log (having the future George Clooney do this step is completely optional!). Lay the larger log on top of the glue-covered smaller log.

Step Four: Use a level to check and make sure that your wedding cake won’t fall off the stand. Then use the vise grip to hold the two pieces together overnight. Once dry, you can drill a screw into the two layers (from the top down) – this is extra and best if you’ll be transporting the cake stand.

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I adored my little cake stand so much that I schlepped it all the way from Alaska to San Antonio. So, whaddya think, y'all? Cutest thing ever (or crappy bit of nature-killing?)? And how adorbs is my little brother? Tulle Nation, if you have any other questions about how to make this craft, please feel free to email me! You know I'm good for it…

P.S. If anyone would like to send my little bro fan mail – he would like you to know that you can do it via my email, too!

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