First Trimester: Oh So Miserable

I’ve been promising to talk about my miserable first trimester and it’s time. Basically, my first trimester was MISERABLE. Awful. Terrible. So bad that I actually considered never having another baby because there was NO WAY that I could be pregnant and care for another person. Just bad, bad, bad all around.

I was fine until the sixth week – then, right on track with all the baby books, I woke up nauseous. And the nausea lasted 24/7 for the next 10 weeks solid. Morning, noon, and night – I was nauseous. I never threw up. I was just always right at the point before throwing up (but could never actually vomit so I never got any relief). Also, in traditional pregnant-lady fashion, I was also super fatigued.

Between the nausea and fatigue, I was worthless. I couldn’t do anything but sit on the couch and eat carbs or greasy fast food (eating carbs/fast food was the only time I got any relief). And for a few very bad weeks (eight through 10), I literally lay on the couch and did yoga breathing from the time I got up until the time I went to bed. It was that bad.

I felt so guilty during this time because I was completely useless. I couldn’t cook (the food smelled and required me standing up for too long), I couldn’t do any housework (I remember the day that I was able to do one load of laundry – greatest day ever), and I was even too tired to bathe regularly (The Boy must of laughed that one). Forget working out or eating right. Between the carbs, French fries, and couch living I gained SO MUCH WEIGHT. Like all the weight that I spend two years losing for my wedding – it’s all back.

The Boy tried so hard to help me but what could he do? He bought me whatever food I wanted and ignored how messy our house was. At one point, I was so miserable and guilt-filled that I started crying and apologizing for everything. He totally won Husband of the Year points for snuggling me and saying, “Don’t worry about that stuff. You’re busy. You’re making a person.”

I still felt bad around Thanksgiving but still insisted hosting it at our house (this was still when we weren’t telling our family about the baby). Thanksgiving is MY holiday and no baby is stopping me from cooking that dinner. I did pretty well considering but the smell of the turkey and then the Brussel sprouts nearly did me in. Actually, that’s my husband’s favorite story to tell now from my first trimester (it’s funny… now). I also managed to stay awake for the entire thing – though I did pass out on the couch before the last guest had even left the driveway.

And yes, I tried everything to feel better. I switched up supplements, snacked on crackers, and smelled ginger – everything short of prescription medications (which I try not to take ever, even when I’m not pregnant). Nothin’. Nothing worked – just resting and eating bad food. I truly hope that next time is better but at least I feel a bit better because I know what to expect.

Did any of you have a miserable first trimester?

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