Fitness Friday: Here’s What Works For Me

So, it's been a while since I've done one of these. The good news? I fit in my wedding dress. The bad news? I, um, don't anymore. Let's just say that I really, REALLY enjoyed my honeymoon. I think that at the wedding I was between 130-135 pounds (I'm guessing. I stopped weighing myself and just focused on the zipper going up on it's own) and this morning I was 140.4 pounds with a body fat percentage of 31.2%. To compare, the last time I weighed myself (on June 22nd) I was 140.4 pounds with a body fat percentage of 30.2%. So, I need to get my ass back into the gym and back into making better food choices.

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

The good news? So far this week I've been adhering to the "making better food choices" thing. I've logged everything into My Fitness Pal and stayed within my alloted calories + I've tried to only eat "good" food and not binge on junk. I've done alright. I only made it to the gym once but… whattya gonna do? What I need to do is remember what worked for me in the first place. What things helped motivate me and move me forward? If I can get back to those things then I can get back to my weight loss journey.

Here's What Works For Me

Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

Fitness Friday | Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra

There's no polite way to say it. I'm a Big Booby Girl. When I started this whole "losing weight thing", I could not physically do many of the cardio and strength training exercises recommended to me because my boobs were just too damn big. They either got in my way or they bounced around so hard it hurt to workout. Enter the Moving Comfort Fiona Bra. And the heavens opened and the angels sang! This sports bra is comfortable, comes in a HUGE variety of sizes, is fastened with standard bra-like hook-and-eye rows, and has adjustable Velcro on the straps for a perfect fit. Dear Moving Comfort Fiona Bra… I think I love you.

My Workout Playlist

Fitness Friday | My Workout Playlist

I only listen to my iPod when I'm doing strength training (stops me from having to listen to the stupid that is teenage boys and/or over-the-hill Meatheads) so my playlist is pretty short. I like my music equal parts silly, motivating, and badass. Here's what I'm listening to right now (not in a any particular order):

Green iPod Nano

Fitness Friday | Green iPod Nano

It's old. It's green. It works.

ASICS GEL-Ipera Cross-training Shoe


I got these only a month or so ago and FREAKING DORE them. Since the bulk of what I do at the gym is strength training (and walking on the treadmill), I really do need a training shoe rather than a walking or running shoe. These help me maintain proper form and keep my balance while strength training but also allow me to walk at a steep incline on the treadmill without pain.

My Fitness Pal

Fitness Friday | My Fitness Pal

I've talked about it before and I'll talk about it again. I just CANNOT stress enough how much this calorie counting (FREE) program has helped me understand how losing weight works. Be my friend on My Fitness Pal (I’m akbuilt – invite me to be your friend and I’ll add you to my group!) and we'll continue to support each other and count those friggin' calories!

Spiral Notebook

Fitness Friday | Spiral Notebook

It's just a plain, cheapy spirla notebook but man, does this puppy help me out! In it, I tape different cardio workouts for when I'm on the road or get bored with the same old/same old. I also record every work out I do – the exercise, the number of sets, the number of reps, the weight I use. I also make suggestions to myself on whether I need to try going up (or down) a weight or reps. I think I've burned through about 3 of these in the last couple of years.

Oxygen Magazine


I still think Oxygen Magazine is pretty preachy and a bit elitest, but y'all – it's got the goods. This is THE fitness magazine if you are interested in really pushing yourself or if you are like me and needed to see the science behind losing weight (a not just an article on cute jeans). 

SkullCandy INK'd Earbuds

Fitness Friday | SkullCandy INK'd Earbuds

These are the most comfortable earbuds that I could find that also stayed in my ears while I was doing barbell squats and such.

The Big Bang Theory

Fitness Friday | The Big Bang Theory

Reruns of this show are pretty much the only thing getting me through the boringness that is walking on a treadmill (Remember how Hot Patrick didn't want me jogging or running because of my bum knees? Yeah… still walking…)

Remember, I do this better when I have support! So! Bug me on TwitterFacebook, and check out my Fitness board on Pinterest. I'm going to continue sharing my weight loss and fitness journey with y'all on a regular basis but I am going to downshift from posting Fitness Fridays twice a month to once a month. See you in a few weeks!

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