Wedding Wednesday: Help Me Figure Out My Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Hey! Remember how y’all helped me choose my wedding day hair, and my wedding invitation suite, and then my jewelry? Well guess what? You’re doing it again! But this time… its reception centerpieces! Control yourselves – I just KNOW you’re dying to dig in and give me your opinions!

First, let us look back and remember the time when I completely changed my mind and redid the entire theme of my wedding. Ah! Those were the days… Anyhoo, this is the look and feel that I’m going for now:

120711 d
Image Courtesy of: From the Kitchen of Olivia

Got it? Good. Now, you should know that The Boy and one of his groomsmen (a talented woodworker) will be making all the tables for the wedding out of old (and free!) palettes. I love this for many, many reasons central to which is that they will be (mostly) free and look really cool and rustic. Hopefully, something like this (but much, much simpler):

120711 g
Image Courtesy of: Ana White

I plan on pairing them with white wooden folding chairs (which we’ll be renting) and white plates, plain glasses and/or Mason jars, silverware, and some kind of colored/patterned cloth napkins (which I’ll be making but don’t have a specific fabric picked out yet). So, what are left are the table linens and centerpieces (Which I always just lump together into one category. What’s up with that?).

I kind of like the idea of nixing full-on tablecloths which seem too formal for the “upscale picnic” feel that I’m going for and would also cover up the awesomeness of the table-made-from-palettes. So that leaves me with a runner for each table + some sort of centerpiece. I do LURVE fresh flowers (very hard to get while growing up in rural Alaska) so I’m loving the idea of lots of groupings of a specific kind of flower in one container – and then making a “deconstructed bouquet” of several containers of different flowers (hoping that makes sense).

But shut up already, Cris! Show us some damn pictures already!

120711 a
Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

I really love the aqua colors with the pink flowers + how easy (and cheap) would spraypainting a bunch of old bottles to use as containers be?

120711 b
Image Courtesy of: Bridal Guide

Very much attracted to the colorful runner + the individual containers of flowers (looks like there's a bit of neutral texture on those, too).

120711 c
Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Love the neutral/textured runner and the glass and birch tree containers. Plus the mixture of wildflowers is stunning!

120711 e
Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Think this is cool – color for the runner but groupings of neutrals for the containers and floral arrangements.

120711 f
Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Spraypainted old cans? Sign me up.

Whattya think, ya’ll? What are your thoughts and impressions on my potential centerpieces? Do you think something else would work better (and do you have a link)? Or maybe you think it should be a combination of some of the images above? P.S. I’m also looking for fabric for the runners and/or napkins so if you know of just the thing – link me!

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