Fitness Friday: My Big, Fat, Fitness Plateau (10 Weeks Later)

It’s been two and half months since I publicly admitted my big, fat, epic plateau and this last month was a hard one for me. But, the good news is that while I didn’t manage to lose more than one pound (Boo!) – I didn’t gain weight (Huzzah!). So now I’m 142.2 pounds and 32.8% body fat. Hips: 41”, Chest: 36.5” (C Cup), and Waist: 31” – no changes there but again, no gains.

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Image Courtesy of: Reality of Healthy

I was really hoping to be under 140 pounds by now but, hey, I’m the one that spent several days shoving everything within a 6 mile radius into the gaping hole in my face while sitting on the couch watching reruns of “Criminal Minds.” This is something that I’ve had to learn to do during this whole weight loss process. I had to learn to let it go. So, I did. So what if I ate three times my caloric count in one sitting? Tomorrow is a new day so I’ll forgive myself and start anew.

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Image Courtesy of: A Daily Stumble

Alrighty, as I have done in my other Fitness Friday posts – here are my goals from the last 4 weeks:

  • Workout five times a week (at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training). *Did okay with this – the holiday + hunting season really interfered with my ability to get to the gym.
  • Make better food choices on the weekends and start doing one meatless meal a week *Did okay on most days (not eight of them though) and on most days my breakfast and lunch were meatless meals.
  • Try to make good food choices over Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. *EPIC FAIL.
  • Try jogging on the treadmill for seven straight minutes. *Somehow didn’t get around to doing this one… oops.
  • Do one unassisted pull-up. *Tried this again last night and failed spectacularly. In front of the entire gym. Not even close, y’all.
  • Get down to 140 pounds. *Not quite there – soooo close though!

So, here are my goals for the next four weeks (it'll take me into the New Year):

  • Workout five times a week (at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training).
  • Try to make good food choices over the holidays and while in Alaska.
  • Try jogging on the treadmill for seven straight minutes at a 5% incline.
  • Do one unassisted pull-up.
  • Come in under 135 pounds.
  • Hold full plank for one minute.

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Image Courtesy of: Fuck Yeah Fitspo

So, I’m putting it out there again and asking Team Tulle for your support for the next month. Bug me on Twitter, Facebook, check out my Fitness board on Pinterest, and be my friend on My Fitness Pal (I’m akbuilt – invite me to be your friend and I’ll add you to my group!). And please, please keep those practical fitness tips and nutritional suggestions coming – they are REALLY helpful to me. Are you in? Do you want to publicly declare a Fitness Journey of your own? Did you join me in September and now you want to share your progress with Tulle Nation? You know how it goes, y’all… fire away in the comments!