Wedding Wednesday: Ribbon Cake Topper DIY

Oh man! SO MANY of you have contacted me asking who made the cute little ribbon cake topper from my Alaskan civil ceremony. Guess what? It was ME!

CrisandJerry 31
Image Courtesy of: Tori Brennan

Like, 15 minutes before I walked out the door to the fairgrounds where we got married – I decided I wanted a cute cake topper. So I asked my little brother (the same one who made my tree stump cake stand) to find me two twigs that were the same size as a pencil. Then I grabbed some twine and some ribbon and voila! A sweet and simple cake topper for under $2.00 and DIYed in under 5 minutes.

And here’s how I made it:

110911 a




110911 b

Step One: Trim your twine to 1/2 yard and tie each end to the tops of the chopsticks.

110911 c

Step Two: Use the scissors to trim the ribbon into 2"-3" lengths. Tie each length around the twine using a square knot to secure.

110911 d

Step Three: Repeat until all ribbon is used or it looks awesome to you.

CrisandJerry 29
Image Courtesy of: Tori Brennan

Step Four: Stick in cake. Done!

Tulle Nation, not bad for 5 minutes of work, right? Are any of you planning on using a cake topper for your wedding? What's it going to look like? Will you be making it? Share away!