Fitness Friday: Time to Start Doing What Works Again

Weeelllll. Ever since the wedding, I haven't been doing so well with this whole weight loss thing. I've been a stranger to my gym and a bestie to junk food. I've tried and tried to get motivated to stop eating crap and start working out but I keep finding ways to avoid doing both. So, this weekend I made a realization – I need to start all over again.

I need to pretend like I'm back a few years ago and trying to tackle weight loss and fitness with absolutely zero motivation or knowledge. I need to get back to the little things and making small changes that become habits.

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So, here's what worked then and what I'm going to focus on now:

Cardio or Strength Training

In the beginning the thought of doing both cardio AND strength training was just too overwhelming for me. But, right up until the wedding, I was happily doing an hour and a half a day of both. And now? It's overwhleming again. So! Back to what worked – I picked cardio and I'm alternating between 35 minutes of doing a walk on the treadmill at 2.8 mph on a 10% incline and walking at 2.0 mph for 40 seconds then jogging at 4.0 mph for 20 seconds on a 5% incline. When this becomes a habit then I'll add strength training back into my regular routine.

Buy Cute Workout Clothes

It's time to ditch the old oversized T-shirts and yoga pants with a hole in the crotch. I used to buy myself a cute top or pretty colored sports bra to motivate myself to work out at the gym (and show them off). Yes, I am THAT sad. And yes, it DID work. So, I'm doing it again. This past week I bought a cute blue workout top from LivFit and loved it so much that I just bought a pink one. This weekend, I'm trying to motivate myself to walk into the local Lulumon shop and buy new workout pants (it's in a fancy schmancy part of town with saleswomen who resemble sticks with their noses in the air – I'm scared to even see if they carry my size).

Shamelessly Bad iTunes

And I'm comin' back to having a playlist of shamelessly bad music on my iPod. I'm talking Spice Girls, One Direction, and anything that incites me to "Move Like Jagger". For whatever sad and pathetic reason – THAT is the music that (literally) moves me. To move, that is.

My Fitness Pal

It's no joke. I didn't start to lose weight until I started counting calories. I tried not being on My Fitness Pal (a website and app that help you calculate your caloric intake and those burned during physical activity) but 5+ pounds later… that ain't workin'. So, I'm back on it and I've done great with my calories this week (all under or at since Monday!). And sometimes, I'm going to bed hungry but that's how I remember it in the beginning (and I also remember that it got better after a few weeks).

And last, I do this better when I have your support! Bug me on TwitterFacebook, and check out my Fitness board on Pinterest. Be my friend on My Fitness Pal (I’m akbuilt – invite me to be your friend and I’ll add you to my group!) and we'll continue to support each other and count those friggin' calories!

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  • I really liked this idea, to start over as if from the beginning. I gained 10lbs post wedding (in APRIL) and thought after honeymooning etc, they would come right off. STILL No such luck and I keep beating myself up over it. I’m going to focus on my diet and if I don’t make it to the gym 5 days a week, that’s fine, because nutrition is clearly where I’m lacking. I’ve rekindled my friendship with junk food too and it’s clearly not working out!

  • Erin, Same for me! I totally thought that post-honeymoon I’d be able to get right back on track but…. not so much.

    The biggest positive about the “starting over thing” is that I feel so much less pressure! I think I was psyching myself out before the decision.

    Good luck, m’dear!